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NEW Witch Shop- NOW OPEN!!

We have finally open our Retail location "The Gypsy Haven"! Elgin, IL's only Witch Shop. We are located at 19 N State St, Elgin, IL 60123.

Store Hours:

Friday 5pm-9pm

Saturday: 11am-7pm

Sunday: 12pm-6pm

We carry a wide array of products for the experienced or practicing Wiccan, gemstones, New Age products, Pagan and Gypsy products as well!

Visit today!

Reinventing Wiccan Supplies Stores and more!

Raven-Wolf Enterprises is family owned and operated by practicing Wiccans and Spiritualists. We are a company that is making every effort to bring you the tools needed for your craft and more whether you're just curious or a practicing Witch, Wiccan, Pagan or Spiritualist. We are bringing you these tools through our online retail catalog where we carry over 8,000 products and are expecting to reach 10,000 + by the end of 2013.

You can view our catalog at :

Ravens Roost Magick


Our Raven-Wolf line exclusively by Raven-Wolf Enterprises!

Presently our Raven-Wolf line consists of 100 + fragrances of Incense Sticks all blended and hand-dipped  by us. We are pleased to announce our newest additions of Incense Cones and Bath Salts. We will be expanding our Raven-Wolf line soon to include Hand-Crafted soaps, Candles, Teas, more Incense Sticks, Cones and Bath Salts, plus Spell and Ritual Kits. All to be available through our online retail catalogs.


Some of what you'll find at Ravens Roost Magick:

Our Raven-Wolf Line, Learning Cards, Altars, Altar Tiles, Altar Cloths, Chalices, Candles, Athames, Cauldrons, Statuary, Besom Brooms, Altar Bells, Jewelry, Offering Bowls, all varieties of Incense and Herbs, Oils, Ritual and Spell Items, Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Books, CD's and DVD's, Bath Products, Smudge Wands, "Green" cleaning products, Pet Care, Holistic Foods and Supplements, Backpacks, Totes, Greeting Cards, Water Fountains, Wind Chimes, T-shirts, Hand Mirrors and so much more!

Check Ravens Roost Magick out for yourself! You will not be disappointed.

Howlistic Pet Supplies is operational!!

Raven-Wolf Enterprises is excited to announce our Howlistic Pet Supplies website is now operational. What you can find at Howlistic Pet Supplies: 100% Herbal Remedies for Cats and Dogs-Shop by Symptoms or by Pet!! The products in our Natural Pet Care (Herbal Remedies) line contain only 100% pure essentials-no fillers, no grains, no yeast, no sugars, no binders, no excipients, no starches-nothing synthetic to cheapen the formula. The extraction solvent (menstruum) for tincturing consists of a proprietary blend of USP Kosher, Human Grade organic vegetable glycerin, apple cider vinegar, and crystal clear water which is ionized and purified through filters measuring one one-hundredth of a micron. They are not extracted with alcohol, which is harmful to dogs and cats, nor with heat which "denatures" the very herbal constituents that do the healing. The herbs are organically cultivated (Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth or Ethically Wild harvested) to maintain purity. They are then placed into a Full Spectrum extraction process one precious gallon at a time, at the peak of their potency cycle, agitating daily, for no less than a fortnight.
We also offer a great assortment of Top Brand common pet supplies and hard to find pet supplies. Some of the Top Brands we carry: Pet Safe, K&H Pet Products, Innotek and HUGS Pet Products just to name a few.  

Raven-Wolf Enterprises now has 5 websites for all of your needs!

Well we've finally done it!
We are putting the final touches on our "Newest" website: Healthy Alternatives where we are bringing you nothing but Organic and Vegan Body and Skin Care, Whole Food Vitamins, Mineral Makeup, Henna Hair Dye and much much more! Do in part to the success of Howlistc Pet Supplies and offering nothing but Botanical, Natural Remedies to Pet Lovers everywhere we've decided to expand our Healthy Alternatives to people as well.
We also just recently released Gypsy Haven to the world. Hand-crafted Wiccan items, Gemstone Jewelry, Gypsy Spell Kits and more.
Online Wiccan Supplies has taken off!! 
We not only retail Wiccan Supplies to the public, but also offer Wholesale to businesses and starting entrepreneurs. For more information on our Wholesale policy please visit the site.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to fulfill your Spiritual Needs as well as you and your pets Health Needs!

Online Wiccan Supplies: Retail and Wholesale Wiccan Supplies!
Gypsy Haven: Gypsy Magick, Magickal Products, Hand-crafted Wiccan Supplies and more!
Howlistic Pet Supplies: 100% Natural Botanical Pet Remedies!
Ravens Roost Magick: Spiritual, New Age, Gothic, Pagan and Wiccan Supplies!